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The Bozeman Doc Series returns for a seventh season this fall and continues to grow in popularity each year. With six successful seasons under our belt, the series is now a firmly established facet of Bozeman’s cultural life. The ten feature films screened in Season Six took audiences from the Sea of Cortez to the streets of Glasgow to the halls of Congress.

This year, the series will continue to present major festival winners, and the very best of the wide range of documentary styles and subjects from around the world. From environmental dramas to political profiles to intimate, personal stories, these films open our eyes to worlds we may never otherwise see.

Sponsorship with the Bozeman Doc Series will get your company’s logo in front of thousands of Bozeman residents each year. There will be a minimum of fourteen screenings in Season Seven, beginning on December 2nd, 2021, and running at least through April 21st, 2022, and all sponsorships run the entire season.

Before each film, advertising slides containing all of the sponsors’ logos will be projected on the screen for the thirty minutes before the previews begin. You can scroll down to see a sample of the ad cards available at the Premiere and Executive sponsorship levels. After the ad slides, there will be previews of upcoming films, and a Bozeman Doc Series trailer, which will include clips from upcoming films as well as each sponsor’s logo. The higher the sponsor level, the more prominent and longer the duration of the logo in both the ad slides and sponsor trailer. You may have seen last season’s sponsor trailer at the homepage of this site (it plays automatically every time someone visits).

Sponsorship requests are due by October 28th to be included in the sponsor trailer on opening night.

Following the great success of our special events over the past two seasons, we’ve added the opportunity for sponsors to co-host individual screenings.

We have also added the option to purchase a full ad card to be displayed onscreen all season during our ad slides for the half-hour before each screening.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss the possibilities.

To become a sponsor, please contact Jason Burlage at jason (at) devolutionfilms (dot) org or 406.570.8045.

We are also open to In-Kind and trade proposals. Please include a description and estimated value of your barter in your email.

Download the sponsorship brochure below for more information.

BDS Sponsorship Brochure

Sample Ad Card