Scheme Birds – Nov. 7th

On Thursday, November 7th, at 7pm at the Emerson Center, The Bozeman Doc Series presents the Montana premiere of the award-winning new documentary, Scheme Birds.

Scrappy Scottish teenager Gemma has never backed down from a fight. That’s the way of life in the small-town, low-income housing scheme where she grew up, southeast of Glasgow. A place where you “either get knocked up or locked up,” there’s been nothing to do there since the local steelworks closed in the 1980s. Everyone finds a distraction: Gemma’s grandfather keeps pigeons and teaches boxing, the kids drink and commit petty crime, and Gemma finds motherhood.

An intimate portrait of a fading town, and of a young woman’s coming-of-age in a place scarred by society’s broken promises, Scheme Birds captures Gemma’s tenacity and determination as she struggles to rise above her surroundings. Though her budding voice provides a chilling commentary on the violence and loneliness all around her, there is a clear strand of hope in this absorbing story of survival.

“Superb…an alternately lyrical and gut-punching coming-of-age study. Empathetically concerned but never condescending, this chronicle of life in fast-forward consistently meets its heroine on her own evolving terms.”  Variety