Come Back Anytime – Mar. 24th

On Thursday, March 24th, at 7pm at the Emerson, the Bozeman Doc Series presents the new documentary Come Back Anytime.

Self-taught ramen master Masamoto Ueda and his wife Kazuko have run the legendary Tokyo ramen shop, Bizentei for more than 40 years. Scores of devoted customers have joined them in creating an intimate place of community. On the weekends, they venture together across the Japanese countryside, harvesting pears, bamboo shoots, and wild mountain yams. Acknowledging that nothing lasts forever and that the master must retire someday, everyone resolves to make the best of what time remains — to truly appreciate this special place, this uniquely delicious and soul-nourishing food, and this special community of friends before it is gone forever.

Come Back Anytime world premiered at the 2021 HotDocs Festival, and has been a favorite on the festival circuit since then.

As elegantly crafted, gently soothing and emotionally satisfying as the cuisine gorgeously presented on-screen, Come Back Anytime is a soul nourishing portrait of a man quietly committed to his craft that will leave you craving late-night ramen shared with the people you love.” Hawaii International Film Festival

“As the Cheers theme goes, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. The ramen shop pictured in Come Back Anytime is such a place to its beloved group of regulars. While this cozy, heartwarming doc is about the artistry of an excellent bowl of soup, it is just as much about the power of community and connection… (It) recreates a welcome atmosphere of warmth and ambiance after an extremely isolating year.” POV Magazine

Come Back Anytime is about savouring the time that we have, and about the community that savours with you when the time you have made for yourself is a product of passion, love, and play.” Movies for Reel


Tickets are available at the door or before the show online at, where you can also buy Season Passes and 7-film punch cards, learn more about the series, and view trailers for upcoming films. The series will continue every other Thursday through April.