Marmato – November 16th

November 16, 2014

Every day in Marmato, a shimmering Colombian mountain town, families pray for safety as their men walk out their doors and down into the mines, scratching out a living with little more than shovels and outdated sulphur lamps. Beneath their village lies one of the largest gold reserves on the planet. In 2006, the Colombian government invited foreign investment to the region to stimulate economic growth, unleashing a corporate gold rush. As plans progress to destroy residents’ homes and level the beautiful mountaintop for an open-pit mine, Marmato charts the mounting crisis as the local community struggles to protect its way of life and economic sovereignty.

Filmed over the course of 6 years, MARMATO, winner of the Best Documentary award at the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival, is a canvas of magic realism and the confrontation with globalized mining.

“A beautifully shot portrait of resistance…” Screen Daily

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